• Patent Holder: MoreEco Co., Ltd.
  • Patent Name Condensation Facilitating Device of Cooler
  • Patent Registration Number
  • Patent No. 10-1450648 (09.22.2014)

International Application No. PCT-KR2014-007300(08.08.2014)

Patent Applicant MoreEco Co., Ltd. Patentee MoreEco Co., Ltd.
Name of Invention Condensation Facilitating Equipment of Cooler
International Application Number
(Date of International Application)
Priority Number 10-2013-0094200
Expected date of international publication 02-07-2015
(Priority date + after 18 months)
Deadline of Demand for International Preliminary Examination 06-07-2015
(Priority date + 22 months)
30 months Deadline to enter the designated state 02-22-2016
(Priority date + 30 months)
31 months Deadline to enter the designated state 03-22-2016
(Priority date + 31 months)
Designated states All member states of PCT except Korea designate